Ladies, what I am planning to look at is a must have. Really.

I am super duper delighted today because of of this Bio Ionic 10X Pro hair straightener I've been serious about investing in this flattener for the longest time.

Volcanic Rock

I reckoned it was a pretty good choice. I actually have the driest and most frail and frizzy hair, and I did lots of research prior to selecting this, and I came to understand that this is one of the preferred hair straighteners for brittle and dry hair. The reason they are claiming is that this these Plates are infused with volcanic rock minerals that supply the natural shine and silkiness to the hair. Another reason is that in one pass you can actually get the hair straightened. That was like really amazing. I thought it was too good to be true, but it's end up beingcause of the fact that the heat is distributed evenly. THEREFORE I bought this and I unboxed it to attempt to learn if the money and the hype are usually worth it for this one.

Bio Ionic 10x Flat Iron Sleek Design

I actually like the sleek design. I feel like it won't pull on my hair. It comes with a black one single glove. The Bio Ionic 10x Pro Flat Iron has basic instructions on how to utilize it. There's the power button and the heat adjustment. Everything is at the bottom, that i really really like. My previous one was in the middle.

Large display

With previous flat irons, when I go through the hair, it used to obtain caught in between. But I really love this one. When you o switch it on, you will appreciate the large display. The Bio Ionic 10x Pro Flat Iron shows you how much heat will go on your hair. I was actually excited about that, especially because my previous one did not need that digital display. According to the instruction, medium hair needs to go from 360 to 380.I arrange it to 370.

That'S it! It took like five seconds to power up to that temperature. That'S awesome! I'm really really excited.

I've been thinking about this for a long time. I did just one pass! My hair looked really nice for one move. That's not bad. I'm really excited and I turned on the vibrating function.

I read about it, and all you have to do is just click on the power button.

With my prior one, I had to do like really thin patches. This is a very nice functionality that you will absolutely love. Actually the feature of vibration is actually good!

I was really really impressed for one pass. THEREFORE I have a little bit of hair in leading.

I did just one pass and I combed my hair, that's all I did and it is true. It cut the time in half as compared with the previous one. I did it at least for 10 minutes. It took me less than five minutes, actually - and it was really fast, very smooth. Most importantly, my hair did not get caught anywhere. That is really good and I'm really really impressed. No one is paying me money to do this. This is not sponsored.

I just wanted to try this hair straightener for the longest time and I tried it and I really liked it, therefore i just want to inform you that this is really good.