This is where Rihanna comes from. It's time to learn geography - now! Hi, guys, I was raised with that. Today we have been shifting to Barbados. Let's take apart the flag.

Believe me, this is going to be crazy. The first thing you may notice is that there exists a trident on it.

It is called the Broken Trident, it symbolizes the folk of Barbados, which split away from historical constitutional ties as a previous British colony. The three points signify the three basics of democracy. Government of individuals, for the people and concerning the people.

The gold, top to bottom bar symbolizes the sand of the beaches of Barbados. Blue represents the sea and sky of Barbados. I like flags with guns. POLITICAL GEOGRAPHY Barbados is in the Atlantic Ocean east of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines in the Caribbean. In ways it belongs in the Caribbean, but that's not true.

Officially, it's 100 kilometers away in the Ocean, but you are not so mistaken, because generally everyone considers it part of the Caribbean. So it is not a big science, sorry people, I love you. Anyway, Barbados is kind of awkwardly stuck between your two. It's like a vampire Caribbean and a werewolf Atlantic.

"Barbados, I will always love you, forever.

" "No, Barbados, I'm the only one right for you personally, I'll always love you." Many people say that Barbados's shape looks like a pear or perhaps a leg of lamb. I think it looks like a thumbs up without all the other fingers. Yeah! Are you aware that borders, it's easy, because Barbados is merely one island.

Actually, there are no other connected islands, only one lonely island. The total area is about 430 square kilometers and the sea-coast is about 97 kilometers long. The whole island can be bypassed in less than a day or you could crawl the complete island in 30 hours without stops and rest. The capitol is Bridgetown, located in the southwestern part of the island. The territory is divided into 11 districts and in each precinct there are end up beingautifully named cities such as Friendship and Cake Corner.

I wish this whole country was out of the pie, right? We find out in ... PHYSICAL GEOGRAPHY No, it's not from the cake.

And unlike many other islands in the area, it is 85% coral limestone. Limestone. Barbados is also unique for the reason that, due to its geographical location, it avoids disasters very well.

Let's explain. If you look at the map, the other islands of the Lesser Antilles form an arc along the tectonic plate and they are like volcanic and so on.

Barbados is much further east and contains no volcanoes. Thwill be does not yet belong to the hurricane belt, which means that most hurricanes mwill bes Barbados or barely touch it. Barbados is like, "Dude, I don't care, I do what I want, I performn't need any volcanoes, it's pretty hot already. " "And you hurricanes, get out of my sight, out of my view." Barbados, just like the other Caribbean islands, is predominantly flat.

A lot of land is arable, about three quarters, but they are no longer dependent on agriculture.

Before the 1950s, Barbados was essentially addicted to sugar. Sugar production dominated the economy, but as with any sugar dependence ...

Seizure and death. I'm kidding. But seriously, the cost of sugar has fallen drastically. Fortunately, Barbados was smart and shifted its focus to other revenue opportunities like tourism, trade and like other cute islands, offshore banking. They decided to turn into a kind of tax haven, which attracted many international investors.

This shows that if you don't want money from people, they will love you. Barbados also offers beautiful beaches, coral reefs and caves. But they have always been big fans of rum. There is the oldest rum distillery on earth, which was opened in the pirate years in the first 18th century. Mount Gay, gay .

.. Mount Gay Rum. It is said that there are as much churches as there are rum shops and to thcan be day, rum makes up about 9% of the total economy.